Metsä Fibre Pulp Mills, Finland

Metsä Fibre is one of the leading pulp producers in the world. Clients are manufacturers of high quality paper and packaging products. Metsä Fibre employs approx. 870 persons. Metsä Fibre is part of Metsä Group.

Our strategic partnership is based on a long-term relationship, strong mutual trust and jointly developed strategic partnership model that has created significant competitive advantage for Metsä Fibre. Usability, cost management and continuous development have progressed successfully under Caverion's management.

Ilkka Hämälä, CEO


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  • Having the plant constantly available is naturally key area of interest for Metsä Fibre.
  • Partner needs to have quality service and be cost-efficient.
  • Solution

    Caverion is responsible of all Metsä Fibre Pulp Mills maintenance processes in Finland as well as project management and design activities, technical maintenance and various kinds of project implementations.


  • Maintenance costs have reduced by 16 % in five years.
  • High impact on improving availability and production process development.
  • Facts about the facilities

  • Metsä Fibre produces pulp in four production plants in Finland: Joutseno, Kemi, Äänekoski and Rauma.
  • Total pulp capacity 2.4 million tons from all plants.
  • Facts about Caverion's solutions

  • Co-operation started 1997.
  • Operation and maintenance services including preventive maintenance.
  • Design & Engineering: process planning, subcontracting.
  • Process maintenance services.
  • -16 %
    maintenance costs in five years


    2.4​M tons
    total pulp capacity